Christopher Gilmore

Actor | Author | Playright | Poet  Teacher | Learner…

Christopher began his career in live theatre at the age of 16, when he appeared in A Play-a-Day.

National Service followed, then training at LAMDA, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in which, years later, he became a tutor.

There, and in three other London Drama Schools, he taught many young actors, some of whom have gone on to play leading parts in film, TV and on stage – Anthony Head, Nicola McAulffe, Gylnis Barber and Nigel Planer being four such examples of his past students.

As a young professional, Christopher acted with Maggie Smith, Orson Wells and Jack Warner; also with directors Ellen Pollock, Michael Winner and Menaham Golan.

With his extensive theatre skills and experience he taught in four comprehensive schools. As Head of Drama, he wrote original plays and musicals. In all, he has had over 30 productions of his works produced; 5 in London fringe venues including OLD FRUIT (with Julia Lang and John Justin).

The drama critic Michael Billington called this two-hander, ‘….home counties Strindberg’ before it got equally well received at the Edinburgh Festival (1977).

Christopher’s plays and musicals are still available under licence, please contact his agent is James Church on +44 (0) 7919821374

The following year in Edinburgh, he presented CAESAR’S REVENGE. Billed as ‘A comedy about reincarnation ghosted by the dead atheist George Bernard Shaw’, it was ‘…all refreshingly acted and staged’. So wrote Sandy Neilson.

The first three books Christopher wrote were self-published audio Books of “fables for all the family” still selling well today and available from Amazon, iTunes and his own website;

SOUL-CENTRED EDUCATION (now in its third edition) was launched at the Findhorn Foundation (2000), where Christopher ran a workshop on ‘Brain Gym’. A copy of this amazing work was bought by the late London Literary Agent, Elspeth Cochrane.

For his ‘New Novel Faction’ ALICE IN WELFARELAND, Ms Cochrane then allowed these words to appear on the back cover of subsequent editions:

‘Congratulations! I enjoyed reading it and happily praise it to High Heavens!’

Christopher then wrote her biography, a book that covers over 60 years of theatrical innovation, much of it with her at the forefront as with the ‘kitchen-sink’ plays so successfully staged in the early 1960s.

Christopher became ‘Writer of the Year’ in the Real Life Category in 2010; an award given by United Press, who has published over a dozen of his poems in different volumes.

His writings was further inspired when (in his forties) he became a state teacher of drama. Whilst taking classes in English Language and Literature as well as in Drama, Christopher came to believe that education works better as an open, warm-hearted invitation rather than as a left brain imposition.

Students, given too few personal choices are less likely to learn to take responsibility he claims, let alone learn about causes and consequences in relation to a broader experience of life skills.

Hence, by way of a complementary approach to top-down delivery of information, he wrote 10 illustrated educational books dubbed DOVETALES, whose titles include HOLISTIC HISTORY, LOVING LANGUAGES, INTEGRATED SCIENCE, SPORTS, HEALTH & DANCE,  and the two best sellers in this series of ten titles, RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCES and DOVETALES MIGHTY MATHEMTIC-More Fun, Less Fear?

The main purpose of each book is to encourage more spontaneous curiosity in students by putting heart before head; not least in the 4-11 year-olds, an age group that Christopher taught for ten years.

In fact, youngsters in Secondary Schools often saw the value in this approach to person-centred education, unlike most traditional educationalists. See his EARLY LEARNERS KNOW LOTS video…

DOVETALES was very well received when first launched in the UK before, that success led to them being used in Hong Kong, South Africa and Hungary. Across the board they garnered many positive comments including the small selection below:

‘At last a truly lateral, holistic cross-curricular approach’; ‘A golden treasure chest overflowing with innovation’;
(Caduceus, reviewing DOVETALES Integrated Science)

‘Alternative curricula which emphasises experience, creativity and participation…proving very popular’; (Resurgence)

‘Highly original…an exciting alternative to standard teaching.’ (Global Education News)’

His favourite review, however, came from Lee Chapman, the 15-year-old who created the illustrations used in DOVETALES MIGHTY MATHEMETICS:

‘One of these mini-sagas could last a whole lesson. Things that you wouldn’t think of but it all fits in.’

Although retired from full-time teaching, Christopher ran ‘PLAYshops’ in four continents on a range of themes, something which he still enjoys today.

Historically these playshops had been part of the many pioneering initiatives to which Christopher contributed. Namely, the Holistic Education Network and SEAL (Society of Effective Affective Learning).

However, in the founding of SUSALL Seekers Uniting Spiritually All Loving Learning), he has facilitated 26 open forum ‘Playshops’ in four continents. Christopher’s gifts have been amlified by decades of experiences and insights. As a result of having taught students from 4 to 84 using , he now concentrates on the Inner Learner.

By helping to nurture each person’s hidden gifts, he sees the secret buds of consciousness begin to blossom in students of all ages; and the earlier the better. This way, the learner achieves more autonomy through Self-awareness in action.

So far, the most popular titles in SUSALL have been ‘Learning from Past Lives’; ‘Sacred Secrets’, ‘Healing Sounds’; ‘Spirituality and Technology’ and ‘Death as a Swing Door?’ – but Christopher’s list of offerings includes 22 other titles, all of which are now available through his website:

“Given that we all have needs that make us feel special, the potential glories of a global vision invites contributions from us all. This urgent need not best served by much of main-steam education. Especially under the pressures of stress, anxiety and fear as those in power continue to confuse standardisation with standards in order to apparently stay in control.”

As Plato wrote, ‘Compulsory Education cannot remain in the Soul’. I suggest it is high time to reclaim the ideals that enhance personalised eternal optimism in service to each and all. You too? If so, please join us!”
Christopher Gilmore